willie in malmo sweden

We were in Malmo, Sweden for the last three weeks in January. This is the twin city to Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s diverse and it’s friendly! We usually prefer warmer places, but the warmth of the people here has made up for the cold. Willie met lots of dogs here making it easy to also meet the locals.

It has been a hub for immigration over the years, so it has all different kinds of food. Malmo is altogether very different from the rest of Sweden because of its variety of influences making it a city that everyone should visit.

Here are some photos from our trip.

a night at the movies

While in Malmo Sweden we really wanted to watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” so went to the  Royal Theater, They didn’t allow animals so we snuck willie in!

As for a movie night in Sweden…it was not cheap $65 for 2 tickets and a popcorn!

It turned out to be a very long movie and willie passed out quickly. He did wake up and give a loud bark in the scene with a papillon dog, who resembled his Swedish pal “Fidel”. This drew much attention from others in the theatre and we had to act like we didn’t know where the sound came from 😛 What a fun night of breaking rules!

It was great to bring willie to Sweden to visit his brother Bossi. He hadn’t seen this rascal in over four months and it was so nice to see the brotherly love in action.