670 days + 2 minutes

On our travels, Willie and I have seen some amazing places, but what really stood out was the people. I recently decided to start writing about the people Willie meets on his journey through life. I’m going to start with a few personal stories of my own. Here’s the first… It was 1991. Willie’s great grandfather had not yet been born. I had just finished high school and had a lot of free time, since I completed a semester early. I decided to volunteer and one of the jobs…

willie in malmo sweden

We were in Malmo, Sweden for the last three weeks in January. This is the twin city to Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s diverse and it’s friendly! We usually prefer warmer places, but the warmth of the people here has made up for the cold. Willie met lots of dogs here making it easy to also meet the locals. It has been a hub for immigration over the years, so it has all different kinds of food. Malmo is altogether very different from the rest of Sweden because of its variety…

a night at the movies

While in Malmo Sweden we really wanted to watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” so went to the  Royal Theater, They didn’t allow animals so we snuck willie in! As for a movie night in Sweden…it was not cheap $65 for 2 tickets and a popcorn! It turned out to be a very long movie and willie passed out quickly. He did wake up and give a loud bark in the scene with a papillon dog, who resembled his Swedish pal “Fidel”. This drew much attention from others in the theatre…

It was great to bring willie to Sweden to visit his brother Bossi. He hadn’t seen this rascal in over four months and it was so nice to see the brotherly love in action.

surviving a cold swedish winter

One Swedish local explained to us that January is the most depressing month there. It’s dark, cold and no one has money because of the recent Christmas holidays. With a little poking around we found that the Danish, just across the bridge, have a word that helps guide them into a postive state during these tough months. The word is “hygge” which means “creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you“.  It’s origins are Norwegian, where it meant something like “well-being”….

On our first magical night, in the city center of Malmo, Sweden, we came across a gypsy woman playing the accordion. Many passed by and we wondered  why more of them didn’t toss coins into her tattered little box. It was lovely music. To us, her tune portrayed, simply and beautifully, the bitter-sweetness of life and filled us with warmth on such a cold night. Thank you again to the accordion gypsy.