who is willie?

A dreamer, explorer, beach bum, lover of all things, guru…willie is love.

Why are you here? You may have clicked on a photo of willie or met him along his travels. To be honest, this is not about a cute dog that travels nor is it about the places he visits. It’s about something more. This is an evolving story of how one dog has been able to break down barriers of culture and language, instantly turning frowns upside down, inspiring total strangers to help orphaned children in their local communities. This website is about you and your power to help the children that will shape the future world we will live in. This is a journey of love.

What is love? For some there are different forms…for others there is only one kind. Love is cookies, love is sunshine, love is selflessness, love is children, love is a dog sitting alone on a beach doing absolutely nothing, love is truth.

Where is willie? You need not search very far. Look within and you will find him sitting, waiting patiently, pointing to the truth. The truth that you’ve already made it. You’re rich and beautiful. You’re royalty. The truth that you have everything you need to be happy right now. The truth that you are capable of changing the lives of children that are less fortunate than you.

Join willie now on his journey of love and find your own truth within.