Willie loves the Graffiti of Granada Spain

willie loves the graffiti of Granada spain

Willie and I spent a week in Granada Spain. We heard from so many that this city was THE place to see in Spain. Many tourists were here to visit the Alhambra palace, but the most memorable part for us had to have been the brilliant street art everywhere.

From the moment we stepped out of our apartment to the end of our hike at the top of mountain we were greeted by colourful displays of graffiti art. Every time we turned a corner we didn’t know what beauty to expect. This graffiti was different than most. It appeared to be created by the same artist and it felt like they had put a lot of love into each creation. In turn I felt their love reflecting back like a starburst and it made me smile.

I was curious to know whose hand was almost exclusively responsible for painting the city so beautifully. After a little searching I found that the artist goes by the pseudonym “El Nino de las Pinturas“, which translates to “The Child of the Picture“.  A little more digging I found the artist’s real name was Raul Ruiz.

You can visit his website here:

And facebook page here:

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