willie loves houston

After leaving New Orleans we visited Houston, Texas. While there we came across an amazing place called the Boneyard Dog Park & Drinkery.

The Boneyard is Houston’s first dog park and bar. It’s great for dogs that enjoy running and playing while owners relax with a cold one. The park carries a large selection of beer and wine with lots of dog-friendly indoor and outdoor seating. The property includes a 700 square foot fenced-in dog park equipped with bagging stations, trees for shade and water bowls. All of the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and we had a wonderful time socializing with everyone!

This is definitely a must-see on your next trip to Houston:

Boneyard Dog Park & Drinkery
8150 Washington
Houston TX 77007
sitting on the levee

There’s just something about coming home, you know? After nearly twenty hours in the car we can’t even begin to tell you how welcome the sight of my old New Orleans neighborhood, the Bywater, was. The area has really developed in the last three years with new stores and restaurants. With so much new, we were so glad to see that the great mix of people with friendly pets still remains. They were so happy to see us too!

We stayed with a friend on Mazant Street for the month of November, spending most of oour days lazing about on the porch. People watching (two-footed and four-footed) is one of willie’s favorite things to do and he loved to say hello to anyone who walked by. Everyone is just so nice here!

While in New Orleans we toured part of the 9th Ward and the French Quarter, but perhaps the highlight of our trip was meeting local artist, Dr. Bob, and his friendly companion George. Dr. Bob creates absolutely stunning folk art from all sorts of media and we really enjoyed hanging out with him and listening to his stories. Thanks for the hospitality Bob and George!

We stopped by the French Quarter in November 2013 to listen to some live street music.

After a run, willie stopped to cool off in a small pool made by a leaky fire hydrant. He had a really hard time getting out.

willie in his sherpa pet carrier

Since making his first flight to Colombia in 2011, willie has been travelling in a medium-sized “Sherpa Original Deluxe” pet carrier on planes. Not only is this carrier great in flight, willie also loves to hang out in it at home. It’s his space and it makes him feel safe.

The Sherpa carrier is extremely durable with mesh panels on three sides, a top and side entry, shoulder strap for my manager and a rear pocket for all of my stuff. It comes with a machine-washable liner, but we found that it really didn’t provide enough cushion and comfort. Needless to say, it came apart easily after willie scratched at it a lot.

As far as travel goes the small and medium carriers pass all airline size constraints, but depending on the airline, the large may not. Be sure to check with your airline before you use the large sized Sherpa pet carrier. Although we’ve never actually had an airline check the dimensions of the carrier, they’ve weighed it a few times with willie inside. They also wanted to make sure that he could stand up and turn around in it, which I think is quite nice of them.

Sherpa Pet Carriers are easily available on Amazon.com or Ebay.com and are truly the best way to travel! For more information please visit www.sherpapet.com.

**Neither willie nor his agents have been compensated or given any product or service on this site for free in order to provide a review or endorsement. We are only providing information of willie’s experience with each product or service that he has used himself.

Our last afternoon on Wasaga Beach before heading south for winter 2013/14.