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make your donation today and help charity orphanage provide aid to orphans in Colombia and Ukraine You have the power to provide an orphaned or abandoned child the foundation for a better future. The Where is Willie Foundation is supporting orphans in Ukraine and Colombia. Make your orphanage donation today to help create a stable, loving home for these beautiful children.

Feeding the Hungry

The Where is Willie Foundation is a charity orphanage providing venezuela aid & feeding the hungry Willie’s #FeedTheStreet program provides food to displaced families and the homeless. This program delivers over 200 meals a month in Ukraine and Colombia, where just $5 feeds a family of three for a day. Volunteer in Colombia or Ukraine to help Willie grow this initiative.

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Venezuelans at a COVID-19 shelter in Medellin
syed with orphans in nagal india
Venezuelans at a COVID-19 shelter in Medellin
COIVID-19 supplies for the orphans in Nagan India
Cyed with orphans in nagal india
orphans in nagal india

Together We Will Get Through This

In these uncertain times of restrictions and lockdowns due to the spread of COVID-19, it’s become a challenge to continue our social programs in Colombia, Ukraine & India. These programs are essential to the elderly, displaced families, and orphans, so we are trying our best to keep them running….

Yoriko gives a meal to a Venezuelan family in Medellin Colombia


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The Price of Bread

In 2005 I bought my first home. During this process, I never really thought about what kind of neighbours I would have. I was very fortunate. On one side I had a hard working single mother that would help me maintain my property whenever I was away and on…

willie in ukraine with the orphans


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The Magic Dog

In 1998 I travelled to India for the first time in my adult life. On each of the four prior occasions, I remember constantly travelling by car to and from the capital city to both my mother’s and father’s hometowns to visit family. Unfortunately it never really felt like…

willie in rome at the coloseum


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9 truths

An article was recently written about my journey with Willie. I had little control over what facts were used and, in the end, I felt that the writer sensationalized a “rags to riches” story that wasn’t accurate. I understood the writer’s need to pull on the reader’s emotions to…

willie takes the orhans to a soccer game in medellin


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Soccer for a dozen

Over the past year, Willie and I have started helping local charities in the cities we visit through Willie’s non-profit, the “Where is Willie Foundation.” We’ve focused our recent efforts on helping young orphans in poor countries, as we feel this can make the most positive impact on their…

view willieès photo albums from his travels


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