The Where is Willie Foundation provides Venezuela aid, feeds the hungry and provides aid to orphans #FEEDTHESTREET FEEDING DISPLACED FAMILIES & THE HOMELESS The Where is Willie Foundation provides aid to orphans in Ukraine and Colombia SUPPORTING ORPHANS PROVIDING A FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER FUTURE Volunteer in Colombia or Ukraine and help Willie feed the hungry and provide aid to orphans VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS THAT INSPIRE & EMPOWER INDIVIDUALS Willie is the face of the Where is Willie Foundation that provides aid to orphans and feeds the hungry WHO IS WILLIE? A DOG WITH A PURPOSE. ON A JOURNEY OF LOVE

Supporting Orphans

You have the power to provide an orphaned or abandoned child the foundation for a better future. The Where is Willie Foundation is supporting orphans in Ukraine and Colombia. Make your orphanage donation today to help create a stable, loving home for these beautiful children.

Feeding the Hungry

Willie’s #FeedTheStreet program provides food to displaced families and the homeless. This program delivers over 200 meals a month in Ukraine and Colombia, where just $5 feeds a family of three for a day. Volunteer in Colombia or Ukraine to help Willie grow this initiative.

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willie with anna from sweden


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670 days + 2 minutes

On our travels, Willie and I have seen some amazing places, but what really stood out was the people. I recently decided to start writing about the people Willie meets on his journey through life. I’m going to start with a few personal stories of my own. Here’s the first…


willie sitting on top of the city wall in morocco


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The Beauty and the Beast of Morocco

In my life, I have found myself meeting some very interesting people in very odd situations. Some have become close friends. In 1994 I lost my high paying job at the post office and was forced to take a job at the mall selling shoes for minimum wage. I…

Cocorna Colombia


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The Mother from Milagrosa

Willie and I visited Colombia for our second time in September 2015. We returned to Medellin where my oldest friend now lived with his wife and young daughter. Although we came here to escape Canada’s winter, it was more to be with my friend who had isolated himself from…

willie in malaga spain


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Awoken through the eyes of a dog

We spent a winter away from home in a city named Malaga on the southern coast of Spain. We decided to go to the warmest area and for winter it was perfect. It was sunny every day except for one and we spent almost all of our time on…

willie loves the graffiti of Granada spain


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Willie loves the Graffiti of Granada Spain

Willie and I spent a week in Granada Spain. We heard from so many that this city was THE place to see in Spain. Many tourists were here to visit the Alhambra palace, but the most memorable part for us had to have been the brilliant street art everywhere.



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Say hi and get a polaroid photo with willie!

When willie meets new friends we like to leave them with something to remember the moment. If you see willie out in your city, stop and say hello and we’ll give you a polaroid photo with him for you to keep! Here are a few polaroids from willie’s recent travels.

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Willie is purchasing supplies that prevent
the spread of COVID-19 & providing them to
orphanages in India, Ukraine & Colombia

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