next to the Quebec City wall

Willie visits Quebec

For the summer of 2011 willie travelled between Toronto and Québec City. The weather was beautiful and willie got to visit the French area of Canada for the first time. J’aime le québécois. In Toronto the shops, restaurants and bar patios were hopping with people happily welcoming the warm weather after a long cold winter. While in Québec we visited the historical wall that surrounds the city. Québec was founded by the French explorer, Champlain, in the early 17th century. It is the only North American city to have preserved its ramparts together with the numerous bastions, gates and defensive works. They even have a hotdog chain named after willie, the “Willy Dog” (although they spelled my name wrong, they do sell the best hotdogs around!)

Yoriko gives a meal to a Venezuelan family in Medellin Colombia
The Price of Bread

March 8, 2019

willie in ukraine with the orphans
The Magic Dog

February 5, 2018

willie takes the orhans to a soccer game in medellin
Soccer for a dozen

July 10, 2016


Help willie support orphans

willie with the orphans in medellin colombia that he supportsThe Where is Willie Foundation is supporting orphans in Ukraine and Colombia.

Feeding the Hungry

Yoriko helps hand out food to homeless and displaced Venezuelan familiesWillie’s #FeedTheStreet program provides food to displaced families and the homeless in Ukraine and Colombia.

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