Willie at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport

Starting a thousand paw prints on European soil

Willie’s paws first grounded sweet European territory in Denmark. Pet travel into Copenhagen International Airport was easy, because the regulations for pet travel into Denmark are relatively simple and straight forward. Upon arriving to customs, the friendly Danish officer asked to read his microchip number and checked to see that it matched the one on his paperwork. That was all! She didn’t check for any dates or endorsements, and most graciously, she didn’t charge him an import fee 🙂

We checked with the officer to make sure that we had all the documents that we need to travel between EU countries, but unfortunately she could not confirm this. It looks as if we’ll need to check with each country before we go there. Willie’s import health forms are supposed to be good for four months of travel within the EU.

Malmo, Sweden was willie’s first European destination. Malmo is the “twin city” to Copenhagen, so upon flying in, all we had to do was take the train from the airport into Sweden using the Oresund Bridge. This was how we began our journey of a thousand paw prints on European soil.



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