A star is born!

Willie was born a short time after Hurricane Katrina, but it’s hard to give you his exact birth date. He grew up in a quaint little area of New Orleans, Louisiana called the Bywater. Perhaps one of the most colorful neighborhoods of the city, it brings together French and Spanish influences as well as the architecture of the Caribbean to create an architectural style all of its own.

He’s a unique blend of poodle and schnauzer, often referred to as a “schnoodle”, and like the Bywater he emits one hundred percent love. Friendly to anyone that comes his way, his real passion is not travelling…it’s meeting people.  If you ever do meet willie you’ll see that he’s special.

Join willie now as he continues his journey exploring new places, making new friends and sharing new experiences.

Here are the earliest photos of willie from the spring of 2010.



Stand With Ukraine 🇺🇦

willie with the orphans in boyorka ukraineThere are now over 7 million children who are in danger. #standwithukraine

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Feeding the Hungry

Yoriko helps hand out food to homeless and displaced Venezuelan familiesWillie’s #FeedTheStreet program provides food to displaced families and the homeless.

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We are providing children with needed supplies.
Together, we can assist those in crisis.
Let's not wait until this is at our doorstep.

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