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Soon after willie was born, we realized that his skin was very sensitive. It would get very irritated when he was in colder places, during allergy season or if he had flea bites. He basically itched all year round 🙁 The only place he found relief was in Medellin, Colombia where the weather was moderate all year and there were very few insects. Since we were not ready to move there permanently, we had to find something else that would relieve his itchiness.

After months of trying different dog foods and skin relief shampoos, we came across a product that began to help within days. OmegaPet Essential Fatty Acid Supplement for Dogs is such a wonderful product! It’s made from 92% organic ingredients, including oil from flax seed, pumpkin, sunflower, cod liver, sesame and rosemary. Willie takes 3/4 teaspoon every day in his food and his skin and coat are happy now. This miracle product is made in the USA and can be purchased online from the manufacturer at

We’ve found that his diet also affects the condition of his skin. Since 2011 he’s been eating home-cooked meals that include a grain, a bean, a protein and three vegetables. We soon found out that the food by itself was not providing him with sufficient calcium, vitamins and probiotics for digestion. With this in mind, we found three powder supplements made by Animal Essentials to mix into willie’s food and ensure that he was eating balanced meals. The supplements are Seaweed Calcium, Herbal Multi-Vitamin & Minerals and Plant Enzymes & Probiotics (pictures below).

It was amazing how quickly we noticed improvement in willie’s digestion, skin condition and energy levels after starting him on these supplements. They work so well for him!

**Neither willie nor his agents have been compensated or given any product or service on this site for free in order to provide a review or endorsement. We are only providing information of willie’s experience with each product or service that he has used himself.

A star is born!

April 5, 2010


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