Sherpa Pet Carrier: The Only Way to Fly

Since making his first flight to Colombia in 2011, willie has been travelling in a medium-sized “Sherpa Original Deluxe” pet carrier on planes. Not only is this carrier great in flight, willie also loves to hang out in it at home. It’s his space and it makes him feel safe.

The Sherpa carrier is extremely durable with mesh panels on three sides, a top and side entry, shoulder strap for my manager and a rear pocket for all of my stuff. It comes with a machine-washable liner, but we found that it really didn’t provide enough cushion and comfort. Needless to say, it came apart easily after willie scratched at it a lot.

As far as travel goes the small and medium carriers pass all airline size constraints, but depending on the airline, the large may not. Be sure to check with your airline before you use the large sized Sherpa pet carrier. Although we’ve never actually had an airline check the dimensions of the carrier, they’ve weighed it a few times with willie inside. They also wanted to make sure that he could stand up and turn around in it, which I think is quite nice of them.

Sherpa Pet Carriers are easily available on or and are truly the best way to travel! For more information please visit

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    April 22, 2015

    Hi Willie 🙂
    I’m debating between ordering the medium and large Sherpa carrier for an international flight for my 10 pound cat and I was curious if you are able to stand up properly and turn around comfortably in the medium sized carrier (you look bigger than my cat so if you can, than my cat should be able to when checked by the airline)?

    Thanks for your help,

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      April 23, 2015

      willie’s about 12 pounds and his carrier is a medium. He can stand up and turn around in it, but it’s a little snug. The dimensions of the large are not within the guidelines of all airlines whereas the medium is. In all of our travels the airlines have never checked the actual size of the carrier, but they did ask once to see willie stand and turn around while in it. I don’t think they would stop us from boarding if he couldn’t do it. Safe travels 🙂


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